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The Mannamong Volume 1

192-page full-color graphic novel comic series

A folktale about mythical guardian spirits comes to life for one little girl in unexpected ways in this all-ages fantasy comic series

Stories, Comics, Graphic Novels for Kids and the Young at Heart

Michael Adam Lengyel is an author and illustrator of graphic novels for kids and children books online. Now releasing “The Mannamong” kids books online available through Amazon.

The Girl Who Speaks To Spirits

At the dawn of human history, mythical spirits known as the mannamong were born through Mother Nature’s powers in order to sustain the world’s natural order. Their existence coincided with humanity for centuries until their stories faded into legend. Now they are forever known as whimsical fairy tales used to entertain children of how the world came to be… At least, that was what Kali Teal believed. But she will soon come to learn that the mannamong are very real…

Comic + Coloring Book

This is a coloring book and comic of Michael Adam Lengyel’s first issue – The Mannamong. Now’s your opportunity to color the pages of The Mannamong. Children and Adults will enjoy coloring the pages of this new comic series. It’s the same as the book version but bigger 8.5″ x 11″.

Fiery Desperado

After her miraculous recovery from her mysterious illness, Kali is surprised by the visit of a dangerous mannamong made of fire! Apparently being the cause of her illness wasn’t enough, for he intends to now use her as a hostage from being captured again. How will Kali cope when this spirit has the capability to burn her home to the ground…?

Coming Soon! Volume 1.

We’re skipping the issues and going straight to the BIG stuff! Volume 1 will contain Issue 1 and 2 plus 3 more in FULL COLOR! Scheduled to be released October 31, 2018.

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