Here are the mannamong comic characters in order of their appearance.

kali Mannamong comic character

Kali Teal

A precocious little girl with a mysterious illness that gives her intense fevers. Fascinated by the stories her mother tells her of the mannamong, she hoped these spirits could one day grant her a miraculous recovery. Ironically, they answered her prayer by revealing one of them is the cause of her torment. Now filled with resentment and confusion, her ability to see spirits leaves her feeling alone when she is unable to convince her mother the mannamong exists. While the perpetrator continues to harass her. Being told by older figures intending to help her, to relax and not get further involved, Kali grows impatient and determined to find a way to resolve this conflict with the rogue Tontorus one way or another. But to do that, she must learn to make peace with her personal “demon.”

vianne mannamong comic character

Vianne Teal

Kali’s loving and diligent single mother. Giving birth to Kali at a very young age, Vianne works hard to support herself and her daughter. But Kali’s unexplainable illness not only adds more trials to living a supplemental life but humiliates her deep down for failing to cure her, like the doctor she wishes she could’ve been. After Kali was born, Vianne put aside her pharmaceutical studies and buckled down to attain her bachelor’s in Biology. She lands a job as a park ranger to support them both for the time being. However, Kali’s frequent doctor visits with little results to a cure had taken a tremendous debt. She hopes helping Trent make a historic discovery on Red Mountain will resolve her past pains.

tontorus mannamong comic character


The hot-headed spiteful mannamong who has made infamy by destroying the promised land meant for humanity at its darkest time, Destonna. His hostility is a front drafted from centuries of isolation feeding his resentment to justify his guilt. Deep down, he is a lost and frightful being on the run from those that wish to persecute him further. He prefers to redeem himself if he could. And this tinge desire for absolution is enough to garner Kali’s empathy to try and establish a truce with him when she lets go of her pain caused by him.

gisenes mannamong comic character


The daughter of Mother Nature. A mannamong who sought out to help Kali alleviate her illness and dilemma with Tontorus from afar. Despite her assistance, she can come across as quite condescending to the whole ordeal and with Kali in particular. She prefers to keep Kali out of it as much as possible to reclaim Tontorus and fix his mess. But her hands are full with monitoring the other mannamong involved in this hunt to ensure they don’t make the situation worse.

hawk mannamong comic character


An older man with an ethnic look similar to Kali and Vianne. Tasked by Gisenes to instruct and help Kali go through the process of exorcising Tontorus out of her. Being the only human who can see Kali’s slow transformation, she relies on him despite being a stranger. His reluctance to participate and discreetness to keep Tontorus from hearing his plan tests Kali’s patience and trust.

galerith mannamong comic character


 Hawk’s quiet yet faithful companion. A mannamong character who sacrificed his high authority to be by his human friend’s side. This sacrificing act disgusts the righteous Scorch. With few words to be spoken, Galerith complies to help Kali and Tontorus separate peacefully. But unlike Gisenes and Hawk’s plans of separating the two, he intends to form a bond between them similar to what he and Hawk share. He believes another unity between mortals and spirits is needed today. 

jewel mannamong comic character


Girlfriend to Trent and close family friend to Vianne and Kali. She works as a clerk for the Red Mountain Visitor Center and is usually responsible for looking after Kali whenever Vianne is out. Very compassionate, who takes on more than she can chew, Jewel, tends to give too much for her own good. But her level of patience and encouragement demonstrates the love and care Trent needs to believe in that their relationship will last.

trent mannamong comic character


Treasure hunter by name, an archaeologist by occupation. Trent lives for discovering the lost gems of human history, and his most challenging and passionate search is for the fabled Crimsong Pearl. But being an artifact of legend more than historical fact, Trent’s credibility is at stake. He has a lot to prove to his colleagues or risk looking like a fool. His overconfidence compensates for his insecurities in his life with his career and relationship with Jewel.  Contemplating marriage, yet uncertain if their time apart due to his extensive hunt, Trent secretly revels in anxious thoughts on whether he has a right to have Jewel as his wife. Ironically, these dark thoughts are what will lead him to finally discovering the pearl rather than his blind optimism.



Mischievous and manipulative, Blitzstreak is not a spirit to be trusted. Competing with Scorch over Tontorus’s capture, she revels in tipping the scales to chaotic outcomes just to make it more enjoyable for her. Quite the meddler compared to most mannamong, her twisted antics are her excuse to get involved and learn how to guide humanity as mannamong are suppose to during an age when the spirits have gone passive and hidden. She uses Kali as her guinea pig to stretch how far one’s actions define their real character to prove who are genuinely dutiful or hypocrites. All by taking advantage of Kali’s naivety and desperation to be rid of Tontorus.

scorch mannamong comic character


An infamous hunter of his kind, this mannamong character is known for being the one who initially captured and imprisoned Tontorus for his crime. Returning to put Tontorus back in his place, Scorch prowls Kali from the shadows waiting for the opportune moment to capture Tontorus the moment he escapes. Aside from his iconic bounty, Scorch makes it a point to persecute any mannamong who ignores or defies the mission Mother Nature gave them in guiding humanity. He sees mannamong that follow their desires instead of their duty as blasphemous.

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