Graphic Novel for Kids - Mannamong Issue 1 - The Girl Who Speaks To Spirits

The Mannamong – Issue 2
The Girl Who Speaks To Spirits

After her miraculous recovery from her mysterious illness, Kali is surprised by the visit of a dangerous mannamong made of fire! Apparently being the cause of her illness wasn’t enough, for he intends to now use her as a hostage from being captured again. How will Kali cope when this spirit has the capability to burn her home to the ground…?

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Kali Teal

A young girl living a simple lifestyle with her mother up on the mountains where legends become a reality. Determined to prove the truth and uncover some of the world’s secrets, Kali Teal will be hurdle into an adventure where she must learn to communicate between both the mortal realm and the spiritual home world of the mannamong…


The rogue spirit that harbors deep within Kali’s soul and a foe that competes for complete dominance over her will. Despite his ulterior motives however, there is more than meets the eye with this particular creature…


The daughter of Mother Nature. A gentle yet mysterious spirit who cures Kali of her severe fever by releasing the fiery spirit that resides inside her. Residing far away in a vast garden of the spiritual realm, Gisenes instructs Kali on how to deal with the mannamong through the guidance of nature itself whenever she can.

Sample of The Mannamong Issue 2

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