The Mannamong Comic


Chapter 1 - The Girl Who Speaks to Spirits

At the dawn of human history mythical spirits known as the mannamong were born through Mother Nature’s powers in order to sustain the world’s natural order. Their existence coincide with humanity for centuries until their stories faded in legend. Now they are forever known as whimsical fairy tales used to entertain children of how the world came to be… At least, that was what Kali Teal believed. But she will soon come to learn that the mannamong are very real…

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The Mannamong Online Comic Chapter 1
The Mannamong Comic - Chapter 1 - The Girl Who Speaks to Spirits

A sickly girl is whisked away to a mysterious garden in her sleep, encountering spirits of nature known as mannamong.

The Mannamong Comic - Chapter 2 - Fiery Desperado

The rogue mannamong responsible for making Kali sick haunts her in her bedroom.

The Mannamong Comic - Chapter 3 - Pyrexia

Kali reflects on the toll her illness has taken on her mother and focusing her concerns on the other changes the rogue mannamong has afflicted on her.

The Mannamong Comic - Chapter 4 - The Legend of Tontorus

An elderly man who is able to see the mannamong like Kali informs her about the rouge, named Tontorus, and the infamy behind his legend.

The Mannamong Comic - Chapter 5 - The crimsong Pearl

Kali reunites with old family friends Jewel and Trent and encounters a mannamong named Blitzstreak, claiming to help her be rid of Tontorus.

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