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A Day In The Life Of The Mannamong is a series of short comics that showcase the characters from The Mannamong comic series. (Think of them as deleted scenes of the bigger comic.) Below is a look at the long form comic series on the adventures of young Kali Teal who encounters mystical spirits called the mannamong. 

Comic Series

Spirts among man created by Mother Nature becomes a flawed order with humanity forsaken. And one girl’s soul is the key to rebuild the bridge.

The Mannamong is a comic series available as issues (chapters) or volume containing the first 5 chapters. You can download the first issue free today. It is also available online to read for free but you must register online first to gain access. Want to know what The Mannamong is about? Read below.

With Every Fall Comes A Rise

Let’s face it. We all want that GUARDIAN ANGEL that guides and protects us.

But what if they let us down? People let us down, so why wouldn’t guardians? 
After all, we live in an imperfect world.

Choose right, and the door opens, make the wrong choice, and feel condemned.

How does our soul decide?
If we make a mistake, is there a chance for redemption?

The Mannamong Comic Series ​

In a modern-day world similar to ours, legends have been told of spirits called mannamong created by Mother Nature to guide and protect humanity. These stories were believed throughout the world until they faded into myths.

The mannamong continue to roam unseen by all except for one girl named Kali Teal. Cursed with a rogue mannamong hibernating inside her, Kali grows deathly ill and left confused by the contradictory nature of the mannamong.

Kali must unravel the mystery behind them and this particular one holding her hostage as he hides from his pursuers. Time is running out. Her very existence is a stake.

Humans and the mannamong

There are two realms, the mortal and spiritual.

Earth is fictitious, with its own setting different from ours. Kali’s hometown and culture are based on modern western life. Even her ethnicity and lineage are not based on real-life groups but inspired by various Native American cultures.

Mannamong Almanac comic
comic characters

The Mannamong World

The Spiritual Realm is where almost all mannamong resides, hiding from the mortal realm, observing humanity from a distance in a separate dimension. Dreams are the only way for humans to interact there, momentarily in an astral form until they’re awakened. Only those with heightened spiritual awareness like Kali will remember the events witnessed with clarity and have control of their movements within that realm. Mannamong traverse between the two domains using gateways only they can open.

Kali’s dreams are uncontrollable sequences, flashing insights into Tontorus’s past. Only when Gisenes (the daughter of Mother Nature) drags her out of those dreams does Kali awaken in the mannamong world. Like a bridge between the two realms, most humans, while sleeping, are trapped in their dream state and not awakened.

The Power of Xemn

Xemn is the ability to interact between spirits and mortals. By drawing out one’s own soul, it can be shape-shift in a colorful aura to perform many supernatural feats. Such as turning it into aspects of nature like fire. And harnessing one’s senses to the max, like noticing hidden spirits in the mortal realm. A mannamong must use xemn to touch a human or wall without phasing through it. Mortals cannot see or interact with these spirits without awakening their spiritual senses to xemn.

Outright Geekery
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If Mom and Dad are Potterheads along with little Billy and Suzy, then you are going to love The Mannamong. And though this book is geared for readers around 8-12, this is a series full of wonder and magic that can be enjoyed by adults as well!
The PullBox
You don't pick Tontorus… he picks you!
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Lengyel has done the improbable by crafting a story that’s geared toward a younger audience without making it unreadable for us old folks. His writing style is perfectly suited to the job, staying relatively straight forward and accessible, while slipping in sly moments of humor and just enough maturity to keep adult readers involved.
Amphibian Press
Anything that captures my child's attention so fully gets five stars!
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My son reads all the time and it's hard to keep up with him. But when this book came in the mail, I handed it to him and didn't hear from him till dinner. He's eight and was reading at the table (a no-no in our house) so I told him to put it away until after. That's when he informed me that was his second time through and he was desperate for the second book! he read it one more time during his reading time before bed and has continued to return to it between other books. The next day he brought it to school. I hope some of his friend's parents buy it. It's so worth it and I'll be keeping an eye out for book 2!
B. Everson
Looking Forward to Volume #2!
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My husband and I backed this on Kickstarter and we do not regret the pledge. The artwork is cute, friendly, and extremely approachable which contrasts with the story's rather dark premise. Furthermore, while Kali is a strong and competent protagonist, her vulnerability and confusion by her situation are palpable to a degree not often found in children's literature. Her predicament leaves her understandably bewildered and grief-stricken by the consequences of a something she never asked to be part of, but her wits and attention to detail help her find some measure of control in the madness.
Amazon Customer
Super cute book for kids!!!
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I bought this book for my kids and they loved it!! My 9 year old read it to my 5 year old in a couple of days. They inhaled this, it was a real treat for them. If your kids like Pokemon, Digimon, etc. they will enjoy this book.

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