Why Patreon?

I love visual storytelling. It’s my passion to share my creations with the world. A lot of time and energy goes into making comics, and I know my fans want to know what happens next in the story and could be anxious for the next book to be released. Having a Patreon account will allow me to share the process and sneak peek of the story before I publish it in a book.

See the story unfold online.

If you enjoy The Mannamong and want me to keep writing and creating the comic series, I would be grateful and honored if you want to support me on this journey to create The Mannamong series. You can support me with as much, or as little you want. Every donation counts, and even by pledging just one dollar per month, you will be making an impact on bringing this series to all its possibilities.

Membership Tiers

Tip Jar

For $1 /month

Honored that you believe in The Mannamong and want to see it continue. A massive thank you! You’ll have first access to news and any promotions.


Sketch Tier

For $3 /month

See behind the scenes story and art creation of The Mannamong series and Shine Upon You picture book. Work in progress storyboards, rough sketch ideas of character designs, pencils of comic pages. Access to the community where you can ask me questions and you can share your fan art of The Mannamong.

Comic Tier

For $5 /month

(in addition to all lower tiers) Get access to The Mannamong Series page by page as it’s completed by Michael Adam Lengyel. Plus! Exclusive rewards on the Next Kickstarter Book! (after 6 months of membership)

Just want to read the printed book?

You can purchase a printed book of The Mannamong Volume 1, containing the first 5 chapters.