Blitzstreak ID Tag Necklace + Card

Blitzstreak – Collect and Trade them! Each tag features a main character from The Mannamong series. The backside displays their name, date of birth, and short identity.


Mischievous and manipulative, Blitzstreak is not a spirit to be trusted. Competing with Scorch over Tontorus’s capture, she revels in tipping the scales to chaotic outcomes just to make it more enjoyable for her. Quite the meddler compared to most mannamong, her twisted antics are her excuse to get involved and learn how to guide humanity as mannamong are suppose to during an age when the spirits have gone passive and hidden.

.: Aluminum Tag size 2″ high x 1.25″ wide
.: Character Printed on one side – Mannamong character identity on the other side
.: Beaded aluminum chain included 28″ long
.: Includes one collectible card of Blitzstreak with short tidbits of information about the mannamong.

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