Gisenes ID Tag Necklace + Card

Gisenes – Collect and Trade them! Each tag features a main character from The Mannamong series. The backside displays their name, date of birth, and short identity.


The daughter of Mother Nature. A mannamong who sought out to help Kali alleviate her illness and dilemma with Tontorus from afar. Despite her assistance, she can come across as quite condescending to the whole ordeal and with Kali in particular. She prefers to keep Kali out of it as much as possible to reclaim Tontorus and fix his mess. But her hands are full with monitoring the other mannamong involved in this hunt to ensure they don’t make the situation worse.

.: Aluminum Tag size 2″ high x 1.25″ wide
.: Character Printed on one side – Mannamong character identity on the other side
.: Beaded aluminum chain included 28″ long
.: Includes one collectible card of Gisenes with short tidbits of information about the mannamong.

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