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Legends say the earth rained manna every day for humanity to consume, a gift by Mother Nature. Just one bite was enough to cure the ill and gain vast wisdom. Once the manna became scarce, humanity waged wars over the remaining leftovers, causing devastation to the planet and their own kind. Pleading to save them from their own vices, Mother Nature created spirits called mannamong to guide them and restore balance to nature. The Mannamong are now considered fairy tales as no one recalls witnessing them for centuries.

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In a modern-day world similar to ours, legends have been told of spirits called mannamong created by Mother Nature to guide and protect humanity. These stories were believed throughout the world until they faded into myths.

The mannamong continue to roam unseen by all except for one girl Kali Teal cursed with a rogue mannamong hibernating inside her. Under his control, Kali grows deathly ill and confused by the contradiction of mannamong born to help others.

Kali must unravel the mystery behind them and this particular one holding her hostage as he hides from his pursuers. Time is running out. Her very existence is a stake.

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Super cute book for kids!!!
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I bought this book for my kids and they loved it!! My 9 year old read it to my 5 year old in a couple of days. They inhaled this, it was a real treat for them. If your kids like Pokemon, Digimon, etc. they will enjoy this book.

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