What is the art of storytelling?

It’s not drawing and its not writing. It’s the journey of life.

I have come to accept and learn that when it comes to the things we invest our time into watching or listening through entertainment is that it can be insightful or wasteful. So the next question I need to ask is which path will I, as the author of my stories, follow?

What is it about stories that fascinate us to being with? The answer to that is the simple introduction. Whether it’s “In the beginning” or “Once upon a time” or “A thousand years ago” we’ve all start from somewhere and move toward the future. With each step we take we leave a history behind. That history is the story.

But why do we care more about other people stories, even if they’re fictitious? My understanding is to learn from them. Others would say escapism and I can agree with that. But if we are to develop and mature as people we seek counsel through other’s lives because we instinctively block out our own. Is it because we create stories that we hope to write our own happy ending, even for a fleeting moment? I believe it’s something deeper than that.

It’s to expand, it’s to explore, it’s to find answers to problems relatable to our own or to simply avoid those same problems. That’s why it should be my obligation as a storyteller to help viewers of my work look deeper into the contents of these characters and their stories. Not through lecturing or preaching, but to leave unanswered questions to life. Questions we should all take time to think long and hard about.

Entertainment is a word that defines pleasure. Stories are defined by so much more than pleasure, like displeasure. If we are to conform to what and how the media defines us, our culture and our characters with insignificant fluff then we’re wasting our time. There are three things I can guarantee about stories: Anyone can write a story, it’s hard to write a good story and it’s too easy to write a bad story.
So I ask again. What is the art of storytelling?

It is the expression of sharing our lives to others. Stories are essentially the journey of life.