The Team Behind The Mannamong Comic Series

A son's childhood passion for storytelling combined with a mother's love for building a creative business through art and marketing is what brings this dynamic duo together to bring you The Mannamong.

It's A Family Affair

Michael Adam Lengyel is the author, illustrator, and creative mind behind The Mannamong. A graduate of Ringling College of Art and Design, Michael’s passion for storytelling through comics is evident in the characters and worlds he creates.

"The Mannamong was an idea I came up with as a preteen, inspired by the animation I grew up watching. By the time I entered middle school, I had decided to one day flesh it out to become a cohesive, visually stunning, and memorable narrative. And as I honed my skills in both writing and drawing, I looked into transforming it into a comic so I could share it with others. And while I hope to fully translate my craft into animation one day, representing The Mannamong through a graphic novel is my first step to expressing it to the world."

Michael Adam Lengyel

Kathy Lengyel is the colorist of The Mannamong and also handles the marketing and website design. Kathy has 40 years in the marketing industry and is currently an art director for ColDesi in Tampa, FL.

"As Michael's mom, I have heard the stories of The Mannamong countless times, and I never get tired of them. Even when coloring the pages using my iPad and procreate, I am never bored, constantly amused, and amazed at the creativity of the characters and the story it tells. I have witnessed him grow as a storyteller and artist. Michael has such a gift for capturing the emotion of the story, I was determined to help him spread his message. My only goal is to expand this story out to the world and hope it touches other people's lives like it has for me. Spoil alert! I know what happens in the story, and it won't disappoint you!"

Kathy Lengyel
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Michael Adam Lengyel
Michael Adam Lengyel

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