*Please disregard the trivia within the artwork. Some content will not be canon to the official material.

In my last post I mentioned my “revival” of my online presence. But I felt like I didn’t quite clearly define my plans going forward. While I did express my intentions, I kind of left what was to come a little vague. So here’s a brief summary: I intend to try and upload a blog post every week on Saturdays and see how that goes from there. These will be about my current progress on my work, life lessons I feel the need to share, my history in creating my work, and other creative properties outside of my work. The latter will have me contemplate the things I love or at least appreciate in storytelling through other intellectual property (IP) like animation and video games. Just because.

So with that being said, figuratively speaking, I think it’s best to start off with how The Mannamong came to be and why I decided to fully pursue it since when I was twelve years old.

I feel it’s important to note the fact that I’ve kept this story since I was young, to help others understand where I’m coming from and maybe inspire them to not give up on their dreams.

I don’t remember exactly when and how the idea came to me, but I know it was around the very early years of my middle school life. I had always like playing pretend stories with my friends, narrating events with toys (most of the time, it was Legos) when not playing video games. But it was an awkward phase of trying to find ourselves transitioning from childhood to adolescence and I missed playing those pretend games. They were almost always about popular TV/Movie characters at the time. But this idea I had of a little girl encountering a mystical creature and befriending it led to a series of different scenarios and adventures plaguing my head whenever I daydreamed. Pretty soon, I started to write these ideas down and decided I actually wanted to create this for real. It was from that point on I knew I wanted to somehow turn this story into my own IP. At the time though, I still wasn’t sure how to express it and in which medium it would be.

Since I like drawing more than writing, I did doodles like every young aspiring artist. And I knew I wanted The Mannamong to have visuals as its the foundation. So writing a novel was immediately off the table. My main three personal ideals were to make it a video game, a comic, or an animated television show. At first, I thought I wanted it to be a video game since I naively believed I could program one easily. I did partake in courses on video game design that my mother signed me up for, but I quickly learned it wasn’t as easy as I thought. Nor did I have the patience for it.

With that clearing my vision, I decided I wanted it animated. Like that’s any easier, huh? Although I still do dream of having my work animated, I knew I couldn’t do it all by myself. So my only option left was to do comics. It was the only viable approach I alone could do. And it helped that I did like to draw characters from my favorite show, movie, and games. I remember one time I made trading cards of said characters for fun with my friends. And everyone that ever saw my art did like it; my peers, teachers and parents.

Over the years as I trudged along throughout middle and high school, I kept my doodles, notes, and crude storyboards to myself as I continually tried to polish and hone it to make the story more concise. A lot of my previous ideas ended up being scrapped. Some stayed, some got renewed, and some I made completely new in favor of the old ideas. A lot of revision happened over the years. Needless to say, it’s a different product compared to how I initially started back in my younger years but that’s another story for a different time. 

But the point is, The Mannamong gave me a goal. I wanted to go to a college that’ll help me turn the project into a professional IP, and meet people to help make it come true. I was still reworking my ideas so much I must’ve rewrote the story more than ten times. But my passion kept encouraging me subconsciously because I really wanted to do it. If that desire really was ever so fleeting, I wouldn’t be writing all of this.

And the best part of this journey is more story ideas emerged. Now even if my magnum-opus fails me, I’ll have other ideas I’ll like to have come to fruition. But I know it won’t fail me. And neither will the other cool stories I want to share with you all. These years growing up gave me a lot of creative content and a peace of mind through all of life’s melodrama. It gave me a purpose to strive towards.

I’m well aware how difficult the journey to reach those goals are, heck I know I’m not the only visionary in the world. So what makes me different? Well, I struggle and continue to struggle sometimes emotionally about my perseverance. But it’s all I’ve got to make my life feel meaningful and fun. And it really wouldn’t be a journey if it was smooth sailing, now would it? I try my best to look at everything through a story mindset. And I’ve been enamored with storytelling ever since I wanted to create my own fictional work.

And here we are now. Two years out of school, two issues already out and a full volume on the way. That’s my beginning. Let’s see where it goes…