The Mannamong Series

Graphic Novel

Written and illustrated by Michael Adam Lengyel

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The Mannamong – Volume 1 is a graphic novel urban fantasy series for ages 8 – 12. A folktale about mythical guardian spirits comes to life for one little girl in unexpected ways in this all-ages urban fantasy graphic novel series. Set in a fictional version of earth with its list of mythos the mannamong is a frequent topic of ancient folktale discussing Mother Nature as a deity, the world’s natural order, and the conditioning of the soul. While interpreted as a myth to the common man, our main lead Kali Teal learns they are indeed real after being cured by them of a severe unexplainable illness that has plagued her for a long time. The source itself came from a mannamong gone rogue with his mysterious incentives from getting captured by his kind. An unsettling relationship unfolds between Kali and her tormentor while she experiences a new awareness of the spiritual realm unseen by humanity. What’s one little girl suppose to do? Trust the mannamong or not?

Interesting start of how the character of the story is sick, REALLY sick! Made me wonder if she was going to survive. And then a twist I wasn’t expecting… The design of the mannamong and their world is so cool! Kept me wanting to read more because of the unanswered secrets.

Markelle Charleston

What will this series offer?

The Mannamong will feature many unique characters of different design, powers, and stories reflecting on how they play a role in this creative version of modern day earth. Therefore, the genre will center around urban fantasy mixed with a slice of life and surreal adventure with a dash of mystery.

World building is going to be one of the fun aspects to write about in this series because of the setup I’m using. I aim to create a fictional universe full of many different myths and legends Kali will learn and uncover their truths as the series progresses.

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