What is The Mannamong?

The Mannamong is a story revolving around a young 8 year old girl named Kali, who has encounters with spirits known as Mannamongs. They are given the responsibility of taking care of the planet and keeping natural order. The Mannamong Kali meets are all different – some good, some mean. And one in particular is using her for his own advantage. It’s a story about learning how to understand one another even when we’re from completely different worlds.

What inspired you to write
The Mannamong“?

I started working on “The Mannamong” when I was twelve years old. I just wanted to visually tell a story about a girl interacting with mystical creatures coinciding with her world. And it was a story I was so passionate about that it kept me motivated to push through school. I knew this is what I wanted to create when I graduated from Ringling College of Art and Design. Over the years, it had been revised numerous times, but along the way I learned many new things about storytelling – both visually and narratively.

So…”The Mannamong” became a story about growing up and clinging to hope while facing the unknown. It’s not the average fantasy story of a child going to a whole new world like “The Chronicles of Narnia”, it’s about coping with the uncertainty of many things of life. Like, why people do the things that they do and the Mannamong are representations of that concept. It’s actually more like a mystery story because Kali is going to meet a lot of characters she’s unfamiliar with, both Mannamong and Humans. She is going to encounter a lot of details that she’s not going to figure out right away but will continue to peek her curiosity.

What outcome would you like your readers to walk away with?

My goal really is to leave them guessing and wanting more. I’m hoping the intrigue of my work is based off the thought, “I have no idea what’s going to happen next… but I kind of like it. And more importantly, I hope they’ll take away the reasoning of how and why these characters do the things they do without having to spell it out to them. Doing a comic means I have to communicate  the story to others visually. So it’s really my job to ensure you get the message without being preachy or obvious about it. And I do intend to have a point in my stories. I want you to figure out what it is.

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